special delivery

The past 48 hours are summed up by 8 tons if wood.

Weeks late, but right on time, it arrived early morning via "The Man Truck". With one woman (hi!), much finagling and logistical reconsidering we managed to get it all here, no small feat considering the condition of these roads, the size of some of the beams, and space issues of the preexisting property. Hours later, it all sat safely in the front yard, our only issue then was how to get out the front door. More moving was required, we literally broke for meals and continued on until the very last light of day remained. But we did it, and it's here.

The future destiny for this wood is what David has been referring to, since I got here, as "the saloon". I had a vague understanding of the larger plans of this place but it wasn't until somewhere within the endless back and forth of taking ceiling planks from Point A to Point B I clarified that in Portuguese the homonym basically means large, glorious space; not a bar from a Western era. This will be more like a terrace, a workshop space, an event hall. Another glorious jewel in the property celebrating the expansive views... while also solving the drainage issues of the first floor, nestled into the earth such that the ceilings were molding. As always, where there's a will there's a way.

But what will we call it?