other wonders

A new day, a new week.

This morning I woke up on the other side of a dream and a different sort of journey and thought to myself: life really is beautiful.

The shaman is gone, the people who came to see him are gone. The fire has long since burnt out, the inipi's blankets removed. We're cleaning, we're clearing. I swept the floors today, all surfaces scrubbed. A new beginning, just like we all needed.

How did I get here? How many times will I ask this question?

Today before dinner I swam in the so-called biopool, really a man made but naturally sustaining pond of rectangular shape. The frogs swam underneath and around me, the evening shift of birds singing to eachother was starting to commence. The water temperature felt perfect in contrast to another sunny day. I thought about how at peace I can feel here and how I can't even begin to understand how that came to be. The past is really starting to feel like the past. The future blissfully unwritten. As cliche as it all sounds, and I know it has been sounding this way for days, it's exactly where I am at right now. In the beginning and in the middle of something all at the same time.