December and all its implied festivity caught me by surprise.
Still biking to brunch and to work in a fall season that dragged its feet.
One blanket sufficed, hands remained ungloved. The holidays left unconsidered.
....And then things quickly became boozy, festive, twinkly, magical.
Memories simultaneously becoming hazier as one night blurred into the next.
Parties and openings and dinners and drinks.
My stomach as full as my social calendar.
Some downs but more ups.
Some reunions unanticipated.
Winks across the room. Arms brushed, legs touched.
Timing would be off, timing would be lost. Life full of circles, always.
A month of letting go and letting things happen. One day, then night, and then the next.
Staying awake, staying jolly. Trying to remember what we said.
And the happiest of memories became dominant. Within a blur of food, friends, drinking, and dancing.
A bar, a restaurant, a taco truck. My living room, their living room. My kitchen. Someone else's kitchen.
Talking and walking and watching and doing.


The strangest of holiday seasons.