And so it goes.
Just when you think you have your feet on the ground, an unexpected tidal wave.
I didn't see it coming.
A punch in the gut. A slap in the face. A different sort of mountain to climb.
Buried regrets, buried emotion. Everything's bound to surface.
You're going to make it, you've already come so far. 
This time last year plans were in place for the journey that would change your life.
Now: Setbacks. Things to confront.
No end in sight.
That feeling you have when you know you're going to be stronger as a result of everything so difficult, but you don't know when why how.
Everything's ok, everything's not ok.
One day at a time.

lazy day kaaterskill

Back in New York and missing Peru.
I realize could be making more of an effort to embrace nearby outdoor possibilities that don't require international flights. 
The weekend preceding my trip to South America, I had whet my whistle with Breakneck Ridge, a reminder of how easy it can be to take an early morning train towards beautiful hiking loops of varied terrain and views.
At a belated Passover themed dinner party, adventure prospects were considered amongst friends and the following weekend five of us squeezed ourselves into a car and made our merry way to the Catskills. The possibilities up there are endless, lucky New Yorkers that we are.  On the eventual agenda for our day: Kaaterskill Falls and Plateau Mountain Lookout just in time for sunset. 
In between: local flair, food, and beverage. 
A perfect spring day and hopefully many more to come.