olá lisboa

A start on the slower side for Lisboa and I. 
My early morning arrival following a few relentlessly busy days has left me, in a word: destroyed. But the sun is shining, it's a city-wide holiday, and I am officially free of all of the things I had been previously bound to. I can, in theory, just... enjoy?

After finding my lodging for the weekend, I showered, I napped, and eventually forced myself out into the sunshine strewed cobble stone streets. A courtyard cappuccino did its trick for at least a short while, lending my wits the wherewithal to guide me at least as far as Alfama, an area that comprised one of the most preserved parts of the hilly and meandering Old City. Atop the hill is the Castelo de São Jorge, just below it the Sé de Lisboa cathedral. I've already planned a return visit to both, in spite of my summoning the energy, the Castelo gates had closed early for the holiday.

From there, I ended up taking the lazy way of following tour groups and foreigners downward until I stumbled upon a tiled vista overlooking the water. There I dozed off, unashamed.

Many mental notes of tiny cafes and restaurants along the way have been made for when I'm alert enough to handle it. Nary a recognizable name no anything resembling to-go for me to cowardly patronize. I will eventually have to muster the courage for seated dining, solo blonde tourist style. The authentic nature and charm of this city is already having its way with me.

Back home, my kind host Teresa offered me a slice of homemade pizza and a glass of wine as we attempted to discuss worldly things (politics, economics, astrology) while utilizing our respective language barriers and the obligatory charades and word association games required. 

There are already things here that feel really good. 

But more than once today I have jolted to the realization I am in Portugal and that, at this moment, I have no idea why. The jet lagged delirium, the still-swirling list of things to do in my head, the comforts of the life I have suddenly stripped myself of. All of this is playing into this current state. But I know this is all for good reason, all part of it. I know that once I sink into things, it will become clearer, and that reliable feeling of gratitude to be out in the world will overtake me once more.  

Sleep and readjustment are what I need in the meantime. For now I'm off to bed in an attempt to find both.