Things calmed down a bit after the ceremony. There is, as always, still plenty to do, but it's feeling like it can happen at our own pace. I have resumed my new found love of white washing, these past days for a small adobe construction we call Nubia's School, after the eldest child here. Inside will be a miniature house setup - sink, bed, chalkboard. It's a cozy, tiny place I could actually imagine living in were the countertops and such resembling adult heights.

Clara and I have also resumed our leisurely wellness practices. Yoga in the mornings, swimming in the afternoons. We are all eating well, effortlessly vegan and gluten free. The peace I so often speak of wrapping around us like sunshine.

Today two more workers arrive. We have some projects coming up in the next days that will require as much manpower as possible. I'm feeling less solitary since the shaman but I still wonder if it might feel strange to have additions to the family I already feel like is my own after one short week and some days.

For now, up and down, back and forth, careful and carefree, my hands white, my boots speckled. Jiva at my side in the shade. The birds forever chirping, the frogs wanting to say hello. Happy in the breeze.