november contd. : kinderhook farm

Cold, frosty mornings waking up to pink light. A Thanksgiving meal beyond delicious description. Farm chores I couldn't be happier to resume, even for the briefest of time.
Friendship, family, back amongst the sheep.
Bagging chickens, taking walks. Riding backseat on the ATV.
Everything here felt like coming home again.
Thankful couldn't even sum it up.


November brought an uplift of both spirit and mood.
New friends and old friends and suddenly way too much to do.
Snow stayed away and Wall Street stayed occupied (until it didn't).
Work continued.
Hinterlands near and far three out of four weekends. More trees, more waves, more fresh air.
Pink sunsets and gray skies. Jackets and tights and sweaters and cold hands. The sun setting early, the days passing quickly.
Mallomars, morning tea. Cider donuts and ice cream sundaes. Bourbon, red wine, fires inside and out.
A fall season that seems to go on forever.

Slowly inching towards noticeable routine in this newfound reality. With a home that's feeling cozier than ever, totally mine.
At times I'll be overwhelmed by how good everything feels. A November I might remember as being (one of) the best ever.