yoghurt 101

So here's what you do:
First, milk a cow. Next, heat the warm, fresh milk to 45 degrees Celsius. Pour the milk into a glass container, ideally with a lid that seals. You'll need some previous yoghurt culture. The most efficient way to have this at the ready is to not clean the jar from when you just finished it that morning. But not too much, elst it become too sour. Otherwise you're going to put just a small spoonful in the bottom of the jar. Pour the heated milk in, put it to sleep for the night. Here we like to wrap it in the skin of a slaughtered lamb treated with its brain fat to become a warm pelt for the dining room bench... but wool blankets will also suffice. The next morning, enjoy with oats and honey or jam or whatever is leftover from the previous night's dessert.
Breakfast of champions.