stranger in a stranger land

Everyone, I have once again found my dream home!
While walking through the forest, I discovered yet another caravan just waiting for me...


Sadly this otherwise adorable trailer has a lock on its door and nary an owner to be found or ever known of. Upon peeking through the broken window, one could deduce that perhaps a deer or other large wild creature may have taken temporary residence recently but has also unfortunately ransacked the place in what I'd like to imagine as a drunken rage.

The real issue with my would be humble abode however would actually be the harsh conditions of this crazy forest. Of course I was initially thrilled to be biking past acres and acres (or should I say hectares and hectares!) of densely wooded land on my way to the farm for the first time, but alas, it's perhaps the least welcoming place I have ever set foot in.
Stop for a moment and the mosquitos land on you by the hundreds, huge anthills everywhere that are up to your knees or even higher, rumors of black bears, undetermined hunting schedules, trees so high and dense you lose sight of the sun and all sense of direction...
I haven't given up all together just yet. I have still tried to maintain an evening walk most nights and it remains quite beautiful and mysterious. But sadly it is surely not my beloved Danish wooded wonderland of yore. I have heard word of a lake nestled in some trees nearby and one would assume if those woods are welcoming enough to the bikini-clad, there might be hope for me yet? The search shall continue!