intro to horseplay

An easy way to make a complete fool out of girl who's lived in New York City for the past eleven years? Just hand her the reigns of two gigantic Belgian work horses to steer between rows of onions for the purposes of plowing!
It wasn't actually as mortifying as my mind's recollection (maybe), but it was not exactly my shining moment either. For the record, no onions were injured; only my pride.
In other news: working horses! That's how the big stuff is done around here. I am fascinated but attempting to keep a safe distance. There are three females; they are massive but gentle and slow. Both of the farmers that share this place are experienced, wise and commanding and have confidently adopted this as an efficient way of doing things.
Today I played a miniscule role in helping clean an otherwise antiquated hay cutting device for these ladies to pull once the weather is nice for a minimum of four days in a row. Know that I am both excited for and dreading this (literal) hay day. Apparently it is very satisfying, and muscle building, and a team effort... But I am also starting to get the distinct impression that it's possibly the hottest, sweatiest, dirtiest, most grueling work known to man, woman, or child.
Lord hear my prayer.