hints of the midsummer's night

It's almost midnight here and there is still a hint of sunlight on the horizon. The sun's brief setting has been steadily getting later and later since I arrived in Denmark and I am told we are nearing its peak.
I feared it might really bother me and my general circadian rhythm to have the sun shine for so long and so late. I have been surprised to find the opposite is true and can actually report more energy and motivation overall. With a sun that rises somewhere near 4am I always feel as though I'm allowed to sleep in, even if I'm awake and already eating breakfast at 7am. The days' endlessness allows me to feel no sense of urgency in the evenings. It might be 10pm but there's still time for all sorts of activity. Of course, this all comes from the luxurious point of view of one who doesn't need to feel pressure to work out in the pastures or similar until all hours, but even still, there's something sort of incredible about everything in nature aligning at this moment for optimum growing and productivity. I can also share that I am able to fall asleep easily in spite of the glow that never seems to totally fade. Maybe because I have actually kept busy up until the darkest moments of the day.
Soon enough it will be the solstice and the days will slowly begin to become shorter again. For the moment, I am more fixated on the rumor I have been told about a huge bonfire and the burning of a paper witch that typically happens in conjunction with the solstice celebration. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that these Swedish farmers are festive?!