quietly counting down

On this holy day in Denmark we are all taking it easy.
A good friend to the farm (Wilhelm) arrived last night for a visit and to my delight, this resulted in my being treated to another fire and my dreams of an overnight in the forest's camping structure becoming a reality. Endless conversation and many a beer later and we accidentally found ourselves seeing the return of the sun's glow on the horizon. Wilhelm and I decided a 4am journey through the woods was in order and we managed to see the sun creep up over the wheat fields. I can't remember the last time I've managed to actually see the sun rise or been able to simply sit in the grass and watch it happen.
Thus far today there have been many outdoor coffees, a bike ride with Wilhelm and the latest volunteer from Canada, and maybe soon a nap. Yet another fire and continued merriment are planned tonight for my final night in Denmark.
Warm and fuzzy doesn't even begin to describe these last hours for me...