welcome wagon

The eagle has landed.

My journey ended up being much more epic than anticipated due to some early morning electrical issues on my train which resulted in all manner of bus and train alternatives but... I made it. Eventually. Upon arrival to my supposed destination, there was no promised bicycle to be found. Luckily my kind, English speaking bus driver somewhat happily gave me a ride to where I needed to be after interpreting my poor excuse for a map. Sure enough, a bicycle with trailor awaited. Inside I found maps, kind notes, cashews for the road, and rain gear should I find it necessary. It wasn't thankfully and the sun would prove to be my only guide as there was no indication otherwise that I was headed the right direction. I will be told later that I took "the other way" to get here, but my otherwise dormant scount sense and another kind Swedish neighbor nearby showed me the way. My (new) farmer greeted me and provided me with a warm, vegetarian meal. He then proceeded to make yoghurt before my very eyes, covered it in fur pelts (!), and put it to sleep for the night.
This morning I woke to the rooster, the birds, and surprise roof access directly from my room. The afore mentioned yoghurt was extremely delicious and enjoyed with oats and mysteriously wonderful jam.
I am once again completely out of my comfort zone, have yet to adapt to or decipher the routines here, will have cooking duty one of these days, don't know anything about anything, etc. etc. etc. But the people are already proving to be quite friendly and if I have learned anything from my time in Denmark it's to be patient and let the experience take me where it's going to.
So here goes, Sweden... I'm ready. Sort of.