pig posse

Just thought you'd like to meet some more of my farm buddies!
These guys and gals know really know how to have a good time. Eating. Drinking. Cavorting. Sometimes they get so worked up over chowing down on mom's leftovers that they'll get get knocked into the electric fence. But all is forgiven minutes later when they'll all decide to pile on top of each other for a spontaneous nap at some random spot middle of the field. Thirty seconds later, time to run around and squeal. Then maybe another pile up. The only small sadness at the moment is that the littlest piglets aren't so skilled at rolling around in the mud yet so their little ears and foreheads are sunburnt as of late (I feel their pain!). Otherwise it's just a constant party. And uh... by the way, the most delicious pork I have ever eaten in my life (whoops!).