these just rewards

I'm not sure I have ever appreciated a cold can of beer and a campfire as much as those that were provided to me both Saturday and Sunday nights.

This past week has been brutal. Extremely satisfying but brutal. Endless weeding and all variety of farm chore that we all rushed to get done during the sunny days while they lasted. Top it all off with a "grill party" the farmers hosted for 43 people and... words cannot easily describe the physical exhaustion.

The lovely and amazing girl who works here (Agi) and I have recently been enjoying humble rewards in the evenings together following long days in the fields and long nights in the kitchen cleaning and prepping. She and I had the brilliant plan to bike to the beach yesterday, our day off. It ended up being an all together excellent plan and the farm and all its dishes and weeds felt like a distant memory. I will note that the physical requirements of that 50km+ endeavor on a somewhat questionable bike may have been underestimated by yours truly but... only positive memories (if not sore thighs and a slight forehead sunburn) remain. We topped the journey back off with ice cold apple ciders (?) in the parking lot of a supermarket and never felt better. Upon our return, we successfully sought out deliciously cold leftovers and were treated to yet another fire and cold beers by the farmers. Truly one of the best days I've had in recent memory.