finally, fløderboller

I was certain I would be doing us all a huge disservice if, upon finally tracking down this elusive fløderboller, I didn't take it upon myself to do some extensive taste testing. Basically, I am in love. I will miss the cows and the woods and the people of Denmark, but I may miss thy fløderboller most of all!

As its name implies in Danish, the fløderboller is a marshmallow cream ball. The cream sits atop either a thin disc of marzipan or some sort of wafer, and the whole thing is dipped in chocolate, most commonly of the dark variety. I mean, hello?! Yes, please, and thank you.
Every shop has their own signature style, and as I had the misfortune of learning in Aabenraa, the fløder' is not flawless. I couldn't even finish my very first one. But I am so pleased to have persevered. And I might continue persevering until I leave this country.

Clockwise from top left: the first taste of sweet fløderboller heaven in H.C. Andersen's childhood garden, fløder-failure in Aabenraa, the holy grail of fløder-dom: Summerbird Grand Cru!, the extremely dreamy coconut sprinkled alternative.