heifer related

UPDATE: The tit is still (at) large. She continues to elude capture but for the moment everything seems to have stabilized. Calf is ok, mom is ok, tit is ok... Or rather, seemingly not infected?
It's still a little TBD but there's a chance nature will just go right on ahead and take its course. Imagine that!
I'm told that if infection doesn't occur, the gland will simply shut down and she'll otherwise never be chosen to calve again. The plain fact of the matter is that she is nine years old and beloved by the farmers but it's most likely her last season before going to slaughter (for numerous reasons) especially after this tit drama. So in many ways it's time to just wait things out.

In other news, let me introduce you to Overeaters Semi-Anonymous. These hungry ladies got taken in recently to chill with the ornery bulls as the pasture they were grazing on has become eaten down to the point of there being nothing left. Fortunately, this weather has aided tremendously in the restoration of their field and they'll soon be free to roam again; maybe as early as tomorrow. In the meantime, grasses and greens have been gathered for them and delivered via wheel barrow at scheduled times by one of the workers. Moments after eating, they all simultaneously lay down for a nap. I kind of know the feeling.