better at the beach

Two weeks passed before we thought about taking a day off. Actually, we thought about it a lot, but plans were consistently thwarted. This, as we have all learned, is par for the course in a semi-democratic household of many. Nevertheless Monday rolled around, we did yoga, confirmed we could steal away, packed a picnic basket, and headed for the beach. I didn't know until just before we'd arrived that Odeceixe was the planned destination and I could not have been happier. Site of so many sunny afternoons with the beautiful ladies I now call friends from my week in Tipi Valley. As seems to always be the case in this country, serendipity led me to run into my surf instructors just moments after I got out of the car. From there, pure bliss. The tide was high and we set up our towels and blankets as close to the waves as I have ever thought to. I was both energized and relaxed in a state of pure happiness; it really is that easy. Now the real question: how can I build my real life next to the sea?