happiness could be so easy

Given that my days as of late are filled with familiar and - let's face it - boring (however enjoyable) tasks I continue to have little of novelty to report. There is also the current juggle I am in the midst of performing regarding airfares and visas and logistics and the like; all seeming to consume my brain just as much as it does the hours of my day. Zzzzz.....

But meanwhile: Ishtar. My recent morning noon and night. People came and people went and I have willingly adopted the task of sole caregiver. Walking routines, food routines, medicinal routines. I am both reminded of how much work it is to have a dog but also how much I miss it.

Our long walks truly give me so much space and time to consider all of the boring all of the above. Our suddenly symbiotic relationship share, our moods reflecting back to eachother, good, bad, energized, not. Deciding together which path to take, when to turn back. Her sitting her huge body in my indian-style lap in the forest, her taking a secret nap with me in my little house when I needed it and her company most. These walks can take on an almost meditative quality, so much so I am at this point almost avoiding adding other people to the equation should they happen to offer.

My first thing in the morning, my last thing at night. This crazy bruised and battered pitbull mix. What a gift.