wind down

If you follow along here with any regularity you will have noticed once again that I have fallen a bit silent. Head in the clouds, that's my biggest excuse. I'd like to tell myself it's as strategic as trying to soak up every last second of my time here in Portugal but in reality it was not so calculated. Just less of an inclination than ever to turn on my wifi; days pass as they do and here we are. For the record my iPhone also came into contact with some salt water, momentarily (or so I hope) compromising its charging abilities and therefore further limiting my access to the outside world. Then there were also the mornings and nights without internet here at the main house. So be it. I went on a walk with Ishtar instead.

And the days have been productive in the meantime. The usual weeding watering walking tiny repair routine. Also cleaning out a previously unrecognizable tool shed such that we actually have a work space and are suddenly spending much more time there. Jigsaws, electric sanders, wood burners all revealing themselves to me, literally, and in the sense they finally have space to be used. Small projects, signage, key holders, and the what not....little pieces of me left behind. The Lost American.

Ten more days.