the tipi times

And she's back!

I won't get into the specifics of exactly how Tipi Valley came into my life or how I was able to be there for a week in higher middle of this vision quest but, in one overly simple word: INCREDIBLE.

Six beautiful strangers, seven glorious, sunny, sandy, beachy, calming, action packed, hilarious, blissful, exhausting, empowering days. Yoga every morning and evening with surf instruction in between. Coffees and pasteis de nati daily, cold Sagres, beach side cafés. Breath taking sea views, undeveloped landscapes, fresh caught fish on the grill, crisp local vino verde. Tan lines, outdoor showers, sand and salt in our hair. Shelled peanuts, mosquitos, meditation, more bruises, more arm muscle, and laughing more than I can ever remember laughing. Off grid and so happy. Strong women, true inspiration, endless conversation... incredible.

The days passed slow and fast. And today.... sad to leave, sad to say goodbyes. This is always the way because it's the way it goes. We had an amazing week, so many of us at pivotal points in our lives, we hope it's just the beginning of these friendships, at the very least he next chapter of our lives.

Now, back in civilization, I'm admittedly breathing a sigh of calm relief to be solitary for the first time in over a month. No set schedule, catching up on connectedness, taking my first truly hot shower in so long I can't even remember. But I'm also missing Becky's quick laugh, hilarious stories, our inside jokes, our late night chats in the moonlight. Babs's easy nature, dry humor, perfect tan, and general fearlessness. Leela's sensitive and thoughtful wisdom, her yoga expertise, our forever orienteer and timekeeper. Lou for just about everything; a gentle and kind inspiration and badass, perhaps my future global partner in travel or seaside living, role model for girls and women everywhere. Owner Laurie for his squinty good nature, brilliant storytelling, prowess on the "barbie", and our final double-down dinners at "Señor Service" and an Italian restaurant seemingly dropped out of the sky from the Hamptons and the weary from sun-and-surf heavens. There's Ricardo and his tireless positivity towards our spastic surf attempts and eventual and meaningful praise for doing things my way. Roger for being the most soulful surprise surf instructor on our final day and for those magical and equally surprising espressos we shared just before I left town.

Life. Sometimes it really does feel like a movie or play that you have conjured in your mind as though it were a dream.

Who knows. Some of these characters that dot the camp and the town I just might see again. I'm flinging myself around in the coming days but I have it in my heart to return down yonder when the time is right, either to help out in the valley or to live the dream seaside however possible. You never know.

However I get there, however I got here, it will be the right thing to do. Life, Portugal, tipis, and espressos. Keep em coming. I'm going to continue to be so grateful.