varied lodging

I just wanted to share that I am basically camping inside a motel tonight. I don't know what the actual translation or definition of a turistheim is, but in this case it means I have just come back from a long hike, paid to take a shower in a shared outdoor bathhouse a few minutes walking distance away, boiled water in my room for ramen (yes, it's come to that), and made a variation on a grilled cheese. There are picnic tables outside my door for general use and a river roaring by. If I wanted to sleep in the parking lot and pay less, no problem. But the pillow I will sleep on tonight is going to cost me extra.
There was a time not so very long ago when I had some pretty specific minimum requirements for my sleeping arrangements whilst traveling. It would appear those days are over. For that matter, I recently calculated that out of the almost two months I have been traveling, I have had my own bathroom exactly three of those days. So maybe it's all becoming relative. Meanwhile the general Scandinavian standard of cleanliness works in my favor. That in combination with the horrifying exchange rate and I have become pretty open minded to say the least.