goodnight, goodbye

Can you believe we are already at the point where I have to say goodbye? Again?
Time seems to have simultaneously gone by so slowly and flown by far too quickly. I find it so difficult to imagine that after tomorrow I will not be waking up to be greeted with tiny finger nips from Sally, the jingle jangle of Svarte-Mari, Helen's cheerful whistling. I won't be able to wander out of my cozy cabin towards the main house while picking and eating freshly ripened raspberries. No more strange brown cheese atop this nutty wheat bread while I drink way too much coffee with warm cream that's just been separated moments before. No evening walk or cycle or swim tomorrow in this relentlessly beautiful, forested landscape.
Tomorrow I'll wake up and all my chores will be done for the last time.
It's finally time to go.
I get better at this every time but it's never going to be easy.