so many fjords, so little time

Today I boarded an early morning bus which took me to a boat which took me all throughout the Hardangerfjord (also known as the Queen of Fjords!), eventually docking at Eidfjord, where I shall lay my sleepy head this evening.
I feel the need to recount that there was an uncharacteristic moment of sadness and defeat today. This occurred when I finally had to concede circa 3:00pm that I did not have the time or the wherewithal to embark on a "steep and extremely challenging" 30km round trip hike and climb up the mountainface to see KjeƄson, a farm that has sat 530 meters above Simadalsfjord for hundreds of years and is actually supposedly still in operation by an old woman. Limitations are worth recognizing but tough for me to swallow these days. I will note that hours later, when a huge storm rolled in, I was pretty happy not to be out there soaked, slipping, and straggling on the rumored rope ladders and bridges who knows what else on that old path. I had meanwhile discovered another trail that led me to an alternative steep, rocky fjord-climb to a vantage point where I could sit and watch the gloom roll in over the village. By the time I made my way down and back to my room, I was completely drenched. And of course, it was completely worth it.
And so tomorrow morning I will roll the dice on a tightly timed, hopefully scenic two part bus journey back to Oslo where I will spend the next few days. Seeing fjords in my dreams until then.