a desplattering

It's true, some jobs are more glamorous than others.
Yesterday I spent the greater part of an afternoon (with Sally at my side, naturally) hosing down and scraping cow shit off the walls. This dirty job needed doing and I was just the person to take it on. The next step is some good old fashioned white wash. Mix some powdered lime scape with some water and whenever you decide the consistency is right you slap it on the walls, devil my care. Don't even think to bother worrying about avoiding the floor or ceiling or wood trim. It will either wash off, or it doesn't matter because... it's a cowshed (not to mention destined to be poop speckled again within days or even hours). By the end I was covered from head to toe in white flecks, but the walls did sparkle and the dung a distant memory.
Will I ever tire of such tasks?