a friend indeed

It admittedly gets a bit lonely out here sometimes. For all my tales of blissed out, bucolic farm life, it isn't always easy. There are days and nights of sadness and self doubt, overall physical and mental exhaustion, occasional fear of the unknown. But here in the hills of Norway I feel as though I was serendipitously presented with my new best friend.

Sally. Black and white with a heart of gold; rare is the moment she is not at my side as of late. Partner in all walks, weeding, snacking, scraping, and shoveling. She greets me each morning, watches over me throughout the day, nuzzles me under tables, forever sits and sleeps as close as possible.

Oh Sally. What have I done to deserve such a friend? Loneliness is sure to once more rear its ugly head, but for the time being I'll know some furry reassurance is not far away.