another day in paradise

This morning I woke up following what felt like the best sleep I have had in weeks. Coffee with Phil, chatting about this and that, making vague plans for the day but no swift movement to actualize them. Eventually I would meet my all housemates: Steffen and Kasia next door to me, and Marie across the way.

Marie and I had lunch together before embarking on a coastal path that was meant to take us to Praia de Luz. Phil boasted a round trip time of 1.5 hours, which of course we surpassed before even making it to our intended destination. We were forced to defend ourselves over beers and futbol, which we all gathered to watch in the late afternoon. Halftime (or was it a "cooling break"?) took us to the other local bar where a band was playing covers and Cuban music as a strange but fun background to the second half of the match. I tuned just in time to watch Holland win in the midst of hamming it up with the local ex-pat community, like I am known to do. We walked together down the highway towards a rumored Indian restaurant called Spice Cottage. It was in fact where Phil said it would be, and it was in fact as delicious as everyone claimed. We rounded out the evening with a final Sagres on the patio. Another perfect night in Portugal.

All I could think of as I drifted off to sleep was how, yet again, I am in an incredible place, with incredible people and that there is no shortage of gratitude or amazement that I have found myself here. I have already extended my stay in Burgau a couple of days and my vivid imagination regarding just staying in this beautiful country forever continues to wander free. Thank you and goodnight, Portugal. See you again tomorrow.