float forever

Another morning in Southern France. Fresh bread from the tiniest bakery, another coffee refill.

The main draw of this particular area, especially where holiday enthusiasts are concerned, is the Gorges de l'Ardèche. Families, cyclists, kayakers, luxuriators all flock here to enjoy this roughly 30km stretch of natural splendor. Rolling hills and cave laden cliffs dropping off into the River Ardèche. It's midweek and mid-June but the beach at the noteable Pont d'Arc was crowded today. We found a spot, laid out our towels. I beelined for the river, so happy to be swimming again, so strange to suddenly be in still, fresh water versus the salty Portuguese seas.

Swim across, swim back again, float awhile, take a break. A nap in the late afternoon sun. Sit in the shade again to cool down.

It's all good, life is really good. But I have felt for days that I am floating, I need to make some decisions. At this present moment, my near future is unclear. Anxiety has crept in. Plans need to be made. Visas, timeframes, logistics, the ticking clock. Portugal, reality, the future. I woke up this morning with a renewed sense that it will all work out no matter what, but I also feel so suspended at the moment, like if I don't do something I am just going to float in the gorges and seas forever. What's next, what do you want.

And when do I decide to stop floating and get my feet back on the ground?