weather pending

A rainy day here in Denmark. There is little to report unless you find my newly improved vacuuming skills of particular interest.
The rain here can be quite strange and almost cloud to cloud throughout the day. The sun will shine brightly, you'll don some work boots or a light sweater, then be made fool of by a momentary deluge. Yesterday a massive thunderstorm rolled in, shaking the rafters and sending all the crazy chickens inside to be yelled at by the goat. Workers ran in from the field and the guests from their assorted outdoor activities. We quickly made coffee for everyone and prepared to settle in. About 30 seconds later, the storm passed completely, the birds chirped once more, and all work and leisure was forced to resume. Today we're not so lucky but my little caravan is made all the more cozy and conducive to reading or staring at the raindrops streaking down its funny little windows. My little seedlings will surely be happy as well.