I finally landed in Copenhagen, still riding the high of pure relaxation but I was beginning to feel a bit weary in the wake of almost two days of traveling. I got my act together enough to take the ridiculously straight forward train to Kobenhavn Central Station and then made the bold decision to walk to my hotel, all the while lamenting this godforsaken third bag I have decided to take. Upon arrival I was greeted by the wonderfully charming Nikolas Hall, owner and general overseer of the Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden. I was shown to my room, had a few moments to re-embrace wifi and a proper shower and I then returned downstairs for pursuits of the alcoholic nature. Were I a Dane, I would have been delighting in having a national holiday the following day and therefore getting wasted in the company of all my friends at some hip CPH bar. Sadly, with the exception of Nikolas, I was alone in the world so it was a humble Tuborg Classic at one of the few uncrowded bars nearby and then another bottle taken to go to drink by my lonesome in my room.

Goodnight strange new city, more tomorrow...

(note: stand by for a more thorough write up of the hotel coming soon to