home sweet home

This vagabond has finally found her dream home.

I was taking a walk after dinner last night and stumbled upon a gypsy caravan - no big deal, right?! Note that this is not to be mistaken for the "caravan" of previous blog posts. Comparatively, that one is little more than a low budget trailer one would set up as a construction job site office space - venetian blinds and all. At lunch today I mentioned my discovery and brought up the notion of my living there. I would describe my farm owners' reactions as bemused but delighted. For one thing, restoring electricity can wait another day. It also turns out Bjarne (farm patriarch) lived it it for three years back in the day. He also claims he will return in 10 years time. I knew I liked this man.

I am already so much happier. There remains no bathroom and I've added some walk time to the main house. But there's a sink, a cozy chair, the world's ugliest lamp, and a wood burning stove with a squirrel on it. Almost immediately after I moved in, a herd of sheep grazed past my window. I might never leave.