suburban style

People, my love for suburbia is real. I don't know how I a going to be able to leave this place and go do like, work and stuff. There was a backyard BBQ tonight. There were Danish beers (my new love), frisbees, children on trampolines, wine, chips, lovely company, and the weirdest looking steak this novice meat-maker has ever seen. Josh's friend Tom was host. Unfortunately he broke his arm the day before in a freak bike accident involving super slippery reflective paint so everyone lent a hand. (He is also the owner of Holberg no 19, my new favorite CPH cafe). Note that I almost missed this event all together due to a mistaken journey through a Danish forest on the way back from the train, but all's well that ends well, right? And on my final night in this neck of the woods, things could not have ended better.

Topics to ponder: The Scandinavian design we know and love apparently only just became desirable again to the Danes very recently. Prior to that it was all a little "too 70s" (My new Ex-Pat friends clearly reaped the benefits). Second, there was a lot of talk this evening about the USA having awesome beef. Uhmm wha? Apparently all the awesome Danish beef gets shipped elsewhere, for example to Spain. Tonight we had German beef - really good, but not exactly awesome. I will weigh in on this with more perspective in my coming days on a meat producing farm. Finally, this crew may or may not have thought I was totally batshit crazy for going over to hillbilly land to work on a farm of all things. Like WTF CRAZY. It might be time to place your bets?