beach season

Yesterday afternoon I felt so inspired by the sun's return and the resulting rise in temperature that I decide to take a quick dip in the lake.
The water wasn't exactly warm, but it was wonderful nonetheless. The horses were even kind enough to keep me company throughout.

The lake itself is apparently a recent addition to the farm resulting from some continuing waterway restoration projects (hello well allocated tax dollars!) that utilized the pre-existing dirt, sand, and gravel rather than trucking it in from somewhere far away. The farmers now refer to it as their beach.
Later I will tell everyone about the mind boggling amount of tadpoles (remember tadpoles?!) I witnessed out there. Elsebeth will make a half joke that perhaps the stork will now return after a twenty five year hiatus since she will soon have a sufficient number of frogs to eat. Not two hours later, we will open the doors to see four huge storks circling overhead.
Just now, during my walk, I saw the same four storks chilling in a wheat field, awaiting the imminent smorgasbord.
Welcome back to your unlikely habitat you strange and glorious creatures! I suppose you have the Danish government and taxpayers to thank.

(P.S. Happy Memorial Day?!)