nearing an adjustment

I am sensing an oncoming feeling of settling in. As predicted, there was quite a bit of cleaning to be done today due to the large number of guests arriving. I'll have to hold tight in the role of maid in hopes of planting and such as soon as things settle down a bit and dry out a little more following some recent rain. I did however get to stroll some horses to their picturesque pasture this morning to eat grass until sundown. Scenes like this make it easy to remember why I came here.

Further updates: I am not yet evicted from this apartment I am sleeping in after all. Still, I am loathe to get too comfortable here. After I was done properly doing work today, I made an attempt at tackling the man-mess left behind from two worker dudes who previously inhabited the caravan. I made some headway but it was soon revealed there isn't actually electricity out there at the moment due to a mishap during some earlier work done on the road nearby. Apparently this is also why the loudmouth goats are inside along with some surly bulls - not to be confused with steers! These uncastrated SOBs are too horny and crazy to be left to their own devices in the fields at this point in their young lives. They have also inherited these goats as cell mates for the time being as the electric fence lost its juice and within two days the goats were running amok. When the power is restored they can return to their tiny field dwelling behind the caravan to the delight of young visitors and possibly to me. These goats are for petting, feeding, and screaming like voice cracking male teens; not for milk as that's pretty time consuming and not really worth doing for this particular farm. Regardless, they are planning to fix the wiring as early as tomorrow. My moving date remains pending.

One update regarding the beef... while I remain ignorant to any sort of complexities at this point, I will tell you the thin morsels of steak discovered in my roasted potatoes this evening were absolutely heaven on carnivorous earth.

Meanwhile a continued work in progress in the glorious Danish countryside. Have I mentioned that it's beautiful here?!