tis the season

Well it seems as though wild raspberries will trump all in terms of plentiful bounty and general deliciousness this season. I have recently made an afternoon habit out of going to a specific nearby forest clearing and reaping the bounty of these delicate, perfectly ripened berries. The supply never seems to dwindle. Those found in the forest are the teeniest imaginable but their flavor is out of control. This summer in Scandinavia has enlightened me to the fact that all those manufactured fruit flavors I grew up with as a kid are really and truly based on their wild varieties. Furthermore, the ones in the forest bear little to no insects or worms commonly known to one's front yard bush, so while tiny, all are perfectly usable and edible without even needing to avert one's eyes. We're packing and freezing, making jams, and baked custards nightly. Raspberry bliss, I am your slave!