helsinki fly by

It's been barely 24 hours since I first set foot in Helsinki but I can already report I am sufficiently charmed. Upon arrival I was unclear as to whether it was an exceptionally mild and sunny day in this fair city or if the Finnish people are just naturally so relaxed and radiant. Apparently it's the latter, and why shouldn't they be? They live in a thriving, coastal city that's as stylishly diversified as it is naturally splendored. Bicycle friendly, dog friendly, art friendly, shopping friendly, nature friendly, people friendly.... What's not to love?
But I'm leaving.
It has come to my recent attention that this Scandinavian chapter of my journey is coming quickly to an end. It seems such a shame to spend one minute more of it in an urban dwelling so I am packing my bags for the bazillionth time and making my way back to farm life. This time I will be on the Western coast of Finland with promises of many a sheep and fellow volunteer. At this point, I feel fully resigned to whatever my living situation reveals itself to be. Otherwise hoping for internet, easy living, and some nice hard work.
More to come just as soon as possible.