no toil, no trouble

Just another morning in Scandinavia.
Following breakfast I wandered into the yard and commenced building a fire for which to place the cauldron of nettles on.
The previous day's rain made my task somewhat laborious but newly acquired and improved fanning techniques brought this blaze to successful fruition in spite of wet wood. I am still sick and foggy of brain, but I felt incredibly peaceful and, dare I say, cozy spending these hours outside stoking. When the fire was white hot with sufficient coals and embers, then cauldron placed and water boiling, we added the hand spun yarn. Nettles, as I learned, will typically produce a vivid yellow. Unfortunately these had been sitting a bit too long and it seems as though something closer to a sage green will be the end result. We won't know for sure until the skein hangs in the birch for the evening and is then brought back back to a second boil to seal its fate.
In the meantime, as I do, I'll be taking a nap....