stinky status

My girl is doing so well. But she is currently behind bars in the barn for further monitoring as she is still underweight compared to her siblings. As I carried her to her temporary pen, I worried that she might be traumatized to be away from her family. When last I checked, she was lounging to the maximum, seeming absolutely self satisfied to be out of the current rain shower with an endless supply of grain.
Otherwise, she has been officially been transformed from a poop festooned mess to a soft, wooly, Downy commercial worthy pile of kill me with cuteness. Most importantly, as a gesture of good will and overall morale booster, we have taken to calling her Princess Stinky, or just Princess for short.
We just had a nice nuzzle before she literally curled up at my feet, ready for bed. Oh Stinky... oops, I mean Princess... Long may you reign over our collective hearts (awwww....).