lucky me

Today was one of those days where I felt so thankful to be out here, thankful for this time I have taken, and generally happy to be alive.
August in Finland is feeling like fall already. The air is crisp and cool. Recent mornings spent walking the dogs through these beautiful forests and fields while the sun shines and the clouds continue to look painted on as if for stage backdrops. Baking bollar, hunting for wild raspberries and chanterelles, warm coffee both morning and afternoon. Yet again I find myself in amazing company, both human and canine. I have finally turned a perceivable corner in terms of my overall wellness; my mind is finally clear and able to take it all in.
While almost everything in my life is to be determined, everything currently feels meant to be.
It's so nice to already know that I am going to look back on these days as some of the best of my entire life.