forest of plenty

I have very good reason to believe a good chunk of my week will be spent honing my foraging skills. First on the list: wild blueberries.
To have a successful and productive few hours in the Finnish forest on such a pursuit, one must do the following:
Cover yourself from head to toe in impenetrable clothing to attempt thwarting of insanely copious mosquito population. Secure bicycle with functioning brakes and do best to remember route to both unmarked turnoff and vaguely perceivable pathway to forest clearing. Hunch, squat, and sit amongst these low to the ground blueberry plants. Pluck as much as you can and put into adorable three liter pail. Observe fingertips and forearms absorbing a juicy blue hue. Eat a respectable portion of what you find. Be honest upon your return regarding said snacking as blue lips and teeth will betray everything. Sort berries from bugs and debris as well as those other berries that look just like blueberries but may or may not be bad for you, depending on to who you talk to.
Now you will want to freeze at least half and then find clever uses for the remaining. In our case, we went for the obvious choice: an Austrian delight known as a kanoodle.