new and true

Today marks two weeks.

New life.

New neighborhood.

New apartment.

New views.

New coast.

New commute.

New job.

New food.

New friends.

New adventures.

New me?

And these weeks have been the total whirlwind we could have expected them to be. My mattress is still on the floor and I have not a single piece of furniture. I have yet to buy groceries, to cook, to properly settle in. But the sunrise pours through my windows each morning, and I can see Golden Gate Park when I walk out the door. My morning routine has consistently included a walk to the beach, so often just me and the end of the earth; a few stray dog walkers, joggers, fishermen.

And there is, of course, another new chapter worth mentioning. After six months hiatus I am fully back in the mix of proper working life. So far, so good, so surprising. Different in ways I didn't expect and in all the ways I thus far needed it to be. And structure, and schedules, and inspiration. I felt good about it leading up to this, but even better now that I'm here.

Two weeks and hard to tell. But if I've ever felt good about a life change, this could really be it.