I woke up this morning to heavy rain outside my window but it actually felt incredibly positive. I continue to feel so grateful for so many things in these moments; my room here, feeling so warm and cozy under these blankets on a bed that not too long ago got lifted off the floor to a proper frame. The precipitation we so desperately need, full freedom granted to be lazy deep into the morning.
For all the obvious reasons I have been giving a lot of recent thought to all I have to be thankful for. The obvious, often taken for granted, things like health, family, so forth. And, perhaps equally obvious, the fact that I've somehow managed to completely uproot myself and move across the country with relative ease. I have friendship, job stability, natural splendor, and constant activity largely to thank. And I am still marveling at it every single day.
With that said, it's all finally beginning to feel something like real life and the nagging feelings of truly missing people and being just a little less than grounded at this point in my life are also starting to feel more real. Nothing is perfect. I am still feeling a bit like I'm blowing in the breeze. I know it will all take time and in a way it feels good to finally feel something like this so strongly. Sort of like the rain this morning; relief in the necessary release.
And so many familiar faces passing through over his recent holiday drove it home just a little more. But this is all part of it, and has been for awhile. Good with the bad. And the temperature stays moderate, the beach forever beautiful. Some things are constant. I'm settling in to the routines and the rhythms of life out here and the new photography scene. The fog comes and goes, both literally and in my mind. But I still know I'm happy to be here. I still feel like all these decisions have been the right ones. One day at a time, as it has been for awhile. We know how to do this.