lima, linda

I became more aimless while this otherwise sweaty, frantic city became a little more beautiful.
The sun began to set, things began to slow down, cool down, quiet down.
Suddenly surrounded by people taking strolls just as leisurely as I. A mix of locals and gringos lounging on the grass. My temporary residence of Barranco offering clues of what it might be like to actually exist within this crazy city but beyond its crazy fray. La vida cotidiana.
A walk along the cliffs, the token ice cream cone. The sun setting over the Pacific. An hour plus exploring the supermarket. A shoeless siesta in the outdoor courtyard of my hotel.
I'd soon discover how easy it is to make foreign friends when you're so obviously a gringa. A conversation companion, a dinner companion, a cool and breezy evening leading up to an early morning flight.

Lima, I might just miss you a little. But I'll be back very soon.